International Conference

The Annual Conference is the most important event of the year. By attending you not only gain knowledge, but also an open mind to the latest changes in the modern business environment. A few of the benefits are the ability to sharpen your skills, to meet experts and influencers from all over the world, network and interact, get out of your comfort zone and learn. The conference takes place in one of the finest location as per the business requirements.


Training Workshop

The training portfolio is dedicated to developing skill sets around complex workplace and functional issues as they need constant honing.

Our training courses cover the most important markets and disciplines. The topics are carefully identified by our dedicated market research team after a thorough phone and web research.

The practical and interactive training courses are tailored to the specific requirements of industry practitioners from various sectors and delivered by world class trainers. With limited number of participants in each course we ensure optimum interaction and knowledge take away.


IIBI In-House Training

Our clients are our priority. Our In-house team always offers support to each crucial phase encountered by our clients. We boost them by providing specific requirements which they need and serving to resolve their problems by arranging onsite training. This will help them to avail maximum benefits. Learning is a never ending process. Catering to this, we make sure to offer efficiency and our expertise to all our esteemed clients.

Organizations with the need to provide specialized instruction to their employees often host in-house programs. In such scenarios we provide tailor-made programs and arrange them according to our client’s schedule. These programs are designed specifically to address the organizations issues and challenges.

In-house seminars include virtual elimination or reduction of employee travel costs. We schedule the classes in a manner that ensures minimal disruption of the company’s schedules and maximize employee productivity. Teaching through a private seminar gives us the opportunity to maximize the training budget through lower overall training costs.

More significantly, as the course is presented individually to the organization’s employees, the topics addressed will be more pertinent to the organization. Team participation and sharing in the classroom experience will help to enhance and reinforce the impact of the instruction.